The membership of Young Indians is open (subject to approval by the concerned committee at each chapter) for a person of Indian origin between the age group of 21 to 40 and an existing member can continue until the age of 45. There is no entry barrier to become a member of this organization; any person in a legal profession whether it is a lawyer, doctor, professional, farmer, businessmen or an NGO worker can become members and contribute to the nation building activities and initiatives of the chapter through the various verticals and platforms / special initiatives. While the membership has no entry, it is expected that the member abides by the Yi Core Values which are as under.

1. Be the Change you want to see

Lead positive change and impact from compassionate thoughts to action in order to build the nation we want to live and prosper in. Projects and ventures of Yi embody the Yuva spirit of being the change makers in the nation. 

2. Celebrate Diversity & Inclusiveness:

Unleashing the power of standing together as youth of the country that is diverse in its backgrounds & geography, yet is inclusive.

We celebrate positive leadership of the individual i.e. the member in the organization and strive for our goals to move from success to significance, whether as a student, entrepreneur, or a professional. 

3. Respect & Integrity:

Valuing all and being the best version of oneself. Growing with trust, and being mindful of the diversity. Taking the team along on transformational experiences as an individual and as a team, to impact positive outcomes.  

4. Learn-Bond-Grow 

Personal responsibility is core to learning, engaging with the membership and evolving in leadership roles. Learning events, Socials and Retreats are aimed at empowering peer networks locally, nationally and globally. 

5. Take Pride:

In my nation, in myself and to create infinite possibilities through entrepreneurship & innovation. 

There is a membership subscription levied on members each year which vary from chapter to chapter and lies within the range of 10000/- INR to 25000 /- INR plus applicable GST. The membership subscription is collected on a pro rata basis as per the following table:

Commencement of Membership

Fee to be Charged

Membership Period

01 - 30 April,2019

New Members – 100% + New Member Joining Fee 

Renewals – 100%

Valid until 31 March 2020

01 May, 2019 onwards

New Member - 100% + New Member Joining Fee 

Renewal - 100% + ₹1000 as Late Fee

Valid until 31 March 2020

October – December 2019

50% + New Member Joining Fee

Valid until 31 March 2020

January – March 2020

125% + New Member Joining Fee

Valid until 31 March 2021


*GST as applicable.

Any member can contribute to Yi at the chapter level by volunteering to be part of the existing initiatives by the chapter through the verticals (please refer Youth Leadership, Nation Building & Thought Leadership on the homepage) or by actively participating in them. Over a period, a member may also become part of the chapter's Executive Committee as the Chair / Co-Chair of a certain vertical in Yi depending on his / her interest and contribution to that vertical or as a special invitee and display leadership in executing activities as decided in consultation by the members of the team.  

To join Yi, please Join Yi button at top of the page to register online.

A person shall cease to be a member of Yi if he / she does not subscribe to the Yi objectives, initiatives or spirit and contravening the norms and rules of acceptable behavior or is convicted of any criminal offence by a competent government authority /court and with the approval of an absolute majority (2/3rd) of the Executive Committee and the past chapter chairs in consultation with the Chair of Yi for the region.

Note on utilization of Activity Funds

All members / non-members to note, henceforth any amount paid by you for activities by whatever mode such as Delegate fee, Sponsorship etc. will be used for meeting various expenses of activities for Young Indians (Yi). Any remaining balance amount will be carried forward perennially to future years to be utilized subsequently for other future activities of Yi.