Road Safety

Project Road Safety was conceived by CII Young Indians under the Yi pillar of Nation Building. The importance of safety on the roads in a country like India cannot be overlooked by any organization or individual today.  A total of 4,49,002 road accidents have been reported by States and Union Territories (UTs) in the calendar year 2019, claiming 1,51,113 lives and causing injuries to 4,51,361 persons, according to a report by the transport research wing of the ministry of road transport and highways. These figures are worrisome and has forced Yi to build an ecosystem to educate and monitor the drivers, bystanders, and other stakeholders. We aim to create awareness among young children so that road discipline and safety is part of their ethos from a young age. Topics such as reducing noise pollution, improving driving etiquettes, lane discipline, first aid training are all part of Road Safety.

Our objective is to educate stakeholders on the importance of abiding traffic rules and imbibing in them a responsibility to take care of the fellow Indians, which is done through below modules -

Road Safety modules:


  • Awareness sessions on Good Samaritan Act. The purpose of Good Samaritan law is to provide legal protection to bystanders who come to the aid and rescue of road accident victims.

Super Kid Cop project (also known as Chota COP & Kutty Cop)

  • To increase awareness on the need of Road Safety among the Children.  The project aims to create agents/ Super Kid cops who remind parents and others about Road Safety.

HNOP (Horn Not Ok Please)

  • HNOP aims to reduce noise pollution especially in cities, giving the message to use vehicular honks only when necessary.

 Animal Protection Program

  • Rural Road Safety Animal Protection program to protect stray cattle by providing them with reflective markers and to avoid accidents with animals on the roads.